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Aspen Elects

September 10, 2012

Aspen ElectsIn the 57 days between now and election day, voters will face a dizzying array of issues upon which to judge the candidates. Many of these issues have been the subjects of intense focus at our events this year, and we’ve heard from a huge range of bipartisan speakers on how to address them. To help you cast an informed vote in November, we’ve combed through our archives to bring you the best of their ideas on critical issues like job creation, gun control, and national security. From today through November 6, we’ll be bringing you new election-centric content daily, whether it be a video clip from this year’s Ideas Festival, a particularly thought-provoking quote we jotted down during a roundtable, or an essay from one of our directors. We’ve got Bobby Jindal, Howard Schultz, Annise Parker, Jon Huntsman, William McRaven, and plenty more, and it is they, not us, who will help shape your outlook. So check back often for fresh perspectives, and then cast an informed vote; and be sure to tell your friends!

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