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Listen Longer 4/11: Healing the Racial Divide

April 14, 2015

This past week we featured discussions from our recent Community Dialogue on Healing the Racial Divide, held in St. Louis, Missouri. The candid talks addressed the racial tension in St. Louis, how the media has been reporting on Ferguson, and the relationship between black youth and the police.

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Black Youth and the Police

Minority citizens across the nation fear being wrongfully targeted by police officers, while police officers fear the dangers and threats that come with protecting the community. How do we resolve these racial tensions and fears? Watch the panel above to hear proposed solutions to address these issues.

Education Panel at the Aspen Institute Community Dialogue on Healing the Racial Divide 

St. Louis Public Schools District boundaries divide students in racially separated schools, making it difficult for students of color to receive the first-class education of their white counterparts. What would it take to dismantle St. Louis’ racial education ghettos? We hear recommendations from local school officials, including St. Louis Public School District Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams, who offers a bold idea about automatically enrolling high school students in higher education institutions.

Watch the videos in this playlist from the event to view all of the sessions, including a panel on the media’s role in covering stories on racial unrest and an introduction from Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson.