Defense Policy

US National Security Advisor Headlines Institute Dialogue on US-Indian Relations

February 11, 2014

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice recently shared her perspective on Indo-US ties at the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC. Speaking to participants of the 19th convening of the Aspen Strategy Group’s US-India Strategic Dialogue, she acknowledged recent tensions between the two countries. But Rice placed a positive outlook on future diplomatic collaboration. 

“Obviously, recent events have drawn more attention to our disagreements than to our cooperative efforts,” Rice said. “But, those difficulties should be minor compared to the breadth of our relationship and the magnitude of what we can accomplish together.”

The convening was held in conjunction with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Aspen Ananta Centre. The goal of the two-day event — which has taken place nearly 20 times over a span of 12 years — was to take a broad look at the Indo-US relationship and serve as a forum to help the two countries act as partners in the face of strategic international challenges.

International media outlets were quick to publicize the remarks from Rice, a former member of the Aspen Strategy Group. See selected news coverage of the event below, and read Rice’s full remarks here.