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ATEST, Arms Control and Sweet Rolls

January 14, 2011  • Paul L. Sparks

ATEST Promotes Human Trafficking Awareness
When an issue needs a boost in salience, carefully timed and placed paid media is an appealing option—resources permitting. Case in point: this week Humanity United’s Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) coalition took the opportunity of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day to place this compelling ad. That’s a nice addition to our list of creative paid media advocacy.

An Armed Congress is Not a New Idea
Think the vitriol in Washington has gone too far? At least they’re not beating each other with canes… anymore. When Reps. Shuler and Chaffetz  announced they’d be wearing guns in the chamber it caused a stir. But as Joanne Freeman of the New York Times points out, these congressman aren’t expecting to fight each other, they’re defending against a potentially angry public.

The Most Important Meal of the Day for Advocates
It was spectacular! …probably (this copy’s being written the day before the event). Today APEP hosted another in our ongoing advocacy evaluation breakfast series. Check out these links to learn more about our presenters and their programs: Paul Zeitz and the Global AIDS Alliance; Sanjeev Khagram and iScale.