National Security

Border Security in a Globalized World

December 13, 2012  • Institute Contributor

Today, the Aspen Institute Homeland Security Program and Booz Allen Hamilton will discuss Strategies for Border Management in a Globalized, Networked Environment. At the 2012 Aspen Security Forum panel “The Department of Homeland Security: Past, Present, and Future,” Michael Chertoff, former secretary at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and managing principal and co-founder of The Chertoff Group, said “DHS covers a system of protecting the country, at a minimum, at the border and within the border, although in fact the process begins outside the border.”

Below is the rest of Chertoff’s description of the role of the department at its inception, along with the rest of the conversation featuring deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute and former deputy and acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and former administrator of the Transportation Security Administration Admiral (Ret.) Jim Loy. The moderator is Barton Gellman, editor at large of Time magazine.

Watch our full video library from the Aspen Security Forum here.