Around the Institute


July 27, 2012

Pay it Forward
At the request of one of our clients, we attended The Economist’s World Oceans Summit in Singapore a few months ago. This week, we received a follow-up note asking Summit attendees for feedback. They (wisely) offered access to the event summary document and other goodies in exchange for completing a survey to help shape the agenda for the next Summit. Advocates may want to consider this model to collect suggestions from meeting participants and keep folks engaged in the process.   

Unit and Whole
This week, Scribner Books took us down memory lane (to our favorite high school English class) when it posted this map on its Facebook page.  We’ve learned that mapping out the relationships between individuals, organizations and even ideas can be a good starting point to understanding the “system” we’re evaluating. As the InSites team pointed out at a recent “systems thinking” workshop, complex situations require that we pay attention to all the moving parts…even if it’s more Pollock than Gatsby.

Short & Sweet
For social media (and most other things), one rule never changes: be brief or be quiet. The end.