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The Coronavirus and Business Education: Resources for Teaching

March 25, 2020  • Influencing Business Education

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, schools and borders are closed and educators need new ways to connect with students. How can universities, teachers, and students adjust? This collection of resources is aimed at providing business school faculty, students and others with the specific skills and broader mindsets needed to navigate and thrive in these challenging times.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Business Education

Business Schools
COVID-19 Impact On B-Schools (Poets&Quants)
Adapting to a New COVID-19 Reality –  9 Tips and Tools for Schools (parts 1 and 2 (PRiMEtime)
Business Education’s Rapid Response to COVID-19 (AACSB International’s BizEd)
Sustaining Higher Education in the Coronavirus Crisis (EdSurge)
How Business Schools Are Battling Coronavirus (AACSB)
How Business Schools are Responding to COVID-19 – examples from the PRME community (updated regularly) (PRiMEtime)
Find Out How Business Schools Are Battling Coronavirus (BusinessBecause)
How to Manage an Organisation’s Response to COVID-19 (Business Graduate Association)
Leading a B-School Through the COVID-19 Outbreak (BizEd Magazine)
Which B-Schools Have Done The Best Job Leading Through The Pandemic? (Poets&Quants)
List of Resources to Support Your COVID-19 Response (updated regularly) (PRiMEtime)
How is COVID-19 Reshaping Business Education Globally? (LSBF Blog)
Covid-19 Survey Of B-Schools Shows Recruitment Standstill (Poets&Quants)
Universities Are Expecting 230,000 Fewer Students – That’s Serious Financial Pain (The Guardian)
Business Schools Could Lose out as Coronavirus Forces Elite MBAs Online (CNN)
HBS Expects Revenue To Plunge $115 Million, Causing A $22 Million Loss (Poets&Quants)
Here’s a Look at the Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Colleges and Universities in the U.S. (Forbes)
Coronavirus Sends Colleges and Universities over a Cliff (Axios)
Colleges Are Weighing the Costs of Reopening in the Fall (The Atlantic)
College Choice: Reopen and Risk Virus Spread or Face Financial Ruin (POLITICO)
Students File Class Action Seeking Tuition Reimbursement (Inside Higher Ed)
Harvard MBA Students Join Growing Calls For Tuition Refunds (Poets&Quants)
For Purdue MBAs, A Heartbreaking Decision. For The Dean, An Unfortunate But Necessary Step (Poets&Quants)
How Business School Deans Are Handling the Coronavirus Crisis (Bloomberg)

Recruitment & Testing
The Latest: How Coronavirus Has Changed 2020 MBA Admissions (Poets&Quants)
From GMAT To MBA, Coronavirus Shifts Business School Experience Online (BusinessBecause)
The GRE & GMAT At-Home Tests: A Side-By-Side Comparison (Poets&Quants)
What MBA Candidates Need To Know About The Online GMAT (Forbes)

Adapting to Remote Learning

Moving Online
COVID-19: Taking or Teaching an Online Course? Here Are Some Tips. (USA Today)
Teaching Online Classes During The COVID-19 Pandemic (NPR)
Everybody Ready for the Big Migration to Online College? Actually, No (The New York Times)
The Coronavirus Outbreak and the Challenges of Online-Only Classes (NPR)
Understanding the Types of Online Education (The Aspen Institute)
What The New Virtual MBA Classroom Is Like (Poets&Quants)
Business Education Online Overnight (BizEd Magazine)
How Professors Are Teaching in a Coronavirus World (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Here’s Practical Advice for Teaching Online, from an Expert at the IU Kelley School of Business (Kelley School of Business)
Survey: B-School Faculty Shifted Online More Easily Than Students (Poets&Quants)
The Fifth Wave in American Higher Education (Issues)
Timothy Mescon: Business schools jumped into the digital world (Invest Foresight)
Does Online Learning Work? Students Sue Colleges for Tuition Refund. (
Online Classes Will Change Education Forever; Here’s How Business Schools Must Evolve (The Financial Express)
How COVID Changed Our Classrooms? A Self-Experiment Of Online Teaching. (Forbes)
Finance Faculty Adapt to Remote Teaching & Learning (Yale School of Management)
How Good Are Those Zoom MBA Courses? (Poets&Quants)
Q&A: Is Business School Good Value for Money? (Financial Times)
The Pandemic Is Boosting The Appeal Of Online MBA Options (Forbes)

How Coronavirus Is Affecting MBA Students (BusinessBecause)
Stanford’s Pandemic Playbook: How The Scramble Online Is Working For MBAs (Poets&Quants)
The Surprise Silver Lining of Teaching on Zoom? Diversity & Inclusion (Medium)
Wharton MBAs Petition For Lower Tuition Fees (BusinessBecause)
The Student Revolt Over MBA Tuition For Online Classes (Poets&Quants)
Coronavirus Sparks Visa Concerns For Business School Candidates (BusinessBecause)
The Consequences of COVID For MBAs, Industry By Industry (Poets&Quants)
Why an MBA Might Not Be Worth the Squeeze (Medium)
How Online Learning Is Preparing MBAs For Remote Work (BusinessBecause)
Should You Go to Grad School during a Recession? (Quartz at Work)
Coronavirus: Is An MBA Still Worth It In 2020? (BusinessBecause)
What Lies Ahead for the Class of 2020? (INSEAD Knowledge)
Is Now The Right Time To Go To Business School? (BusinessBecause)
My New Normal: Jo Tan (MBA 2021) (Wakelet)
B-School Candidates’ Concern Over Job Prospects Skyrockets (Poets&Quants)

Coping Amid the Crisis (Charles Schwab)
To My Students During the Pandemic (BizEd Magazine)
Q&A with Angela Duckworth on Maintaining Emotional Well Being During the COVID19 Crisis (YouTube)
This Business School Is Leading All Others In How To Compassionately Deal With The Pandemic (Poets&Quants)
‘I Can’t Get Motivated’: The Students Struggling with Online Learning (The Guardian)
What I Learned About Myself During This Pandemic (Inside Higher Ed)

What to Teach in a Post-Pandemic World?

Reimagining Course Design
Advice from Business School Professors: How to Excel in a Remote Learning Environment (CU Denver Business School News)
Moving Courses Online: My 7-Step Journey Toward Learning Excellence Amid/Post-COVID-19 (Medium)
4 Tips for Adapting an Experiential Learning Course from Real World to Online-During (and After) the Coronavirus (Forbes)
Spring Quarter, Reimagined (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
A Crisis Curriculum? (The Aspen Institute)
HBS Plans To Go STEM, But Class of 2020 MBAs Hope For Speedier Action (Poets&Quants)
How Covid-19 Could Transform the MBA: 100 Ways in 100 days (FutureMBA)
The Virus Has Demonstrated That Faculty Can Be Full Partners In Changing The Higher Education Business Model (Forbes)
Wharton To Have Blend Of In-Person, Virtual MBA Classes In The Fall (Poets&Quants)

Introducing New Material
Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning and Thinking Critically (The New York Times)
Teaching Pandemics Syllabus (JSTOR Daily)
Coronavirus: Wharton Business School Offers New Course about Pandemic (CNBC)
Over 1,300 Students Tune in to First Wharton Coronavirus Lecture (The Daily Pennsylvanian)
Wharton Offers Course on the Consequences of the Coronavirus Crisis  (TopMBA)
John Vlismas and Business School’s Free Webinars on Getting through the Lockdown (IOL)
How Covid-19 Is Changing Global Business (The Aspen Institute)
UVA Darden’s Bob Bruner Recommends Books to Make Meaning of Coronavirus Crisis (Darden Report Online)
Coronavirus Self-Isolation Reading List | 8 Books For MBA Applicants (BusinessBecause)
Books to Get You through Lockdown (London Business School)
Colleges Grow the Coronavirus Curriculum (University Business)
Why a 1,000-Year-Old English Mill Should be a Case Study for Harvard Business School (The Focus)
New Raw Case Study Considers COVID-19’s Impact in Real Time (Yale School of Management)
Stanford Launches Free Global Innovation Program to Address COVID-19 Challenges (TechRepublic)
Free MBA Program, Offered Via Zoom, Aims to Help 25 Veterans (Newsday)
How Stanford GSB Plans To Create A Covid-19 Recovery Blueprint (Poets&Quants)

The New Future of Business Education

Making The Case For Business School, Right Now (Poets&Quants)
How COVID-19 Is Crashing On The Class Of 2020: Job Offers Already Disappearing (Forbes)
Study: Majority Of Deans Believe COVID-19 Will Accelerate B-School Closures (Poets&Quants)
Companies Begin To Freeze And Rescind MBA Internship & Job Offers (Poets&Quants)
Schools Brace For Revenue Drops, Consider Staff Layoffs (Poets&Quants)
One-Year M.B.A.s Gain Ground as Applications Drop (Wall Street Journal)
Business Schools Look To Coronavirus ‘Silver Lining’ (MBA News)
Why This Dean Is Optimistic About An On-Campus Start In The Fall (Poets&Quants)
Why Kellogg Is Waiving GMATs & GREs & Revisiting Rejected MBA Applicants (Poets&Quants)
New Survey: Among Global B-School Leaders, Optimism Abounds (Poets&Quants)
The Pandemic & Higher Education: Old Problems, New Opportunities (Forbes)
These Business Schools May Best Prepare Grads for Covid-19 World (Bloomberg)
How Business Schools Can Help Rebuild the Economy after Covid-19 (Quartz at Work)
Wisconsin Launches A $74,800 Hybrid MBA With An Innovative ‘Badge’ Curriculum (Poets&Quants)

Admissions & Experience
How Coronavirus Affects Admitted, Prospective International MBA Students (US News)
Should You Apply to B-School During COVID-19? (Poets&Quants)
A New Study Suggests You May Want To Rethink That MBA (Forbes)
Should Coronavirus Impact Your Choice Of Business School? (BusinessBecause)
COVID-19 Could Shrink the Earnings of 2020 Graduates for Years to Come (The Conversation)
A Third Of Admits May Defer, While 43% Want Tuition Lowered If Classes Are Online (Poets&Quants)
Why B-Schools Should Cut MBA Tuition For Online Classes (Poets&Quants)
B-Schools Eye New Source Of Talent: Laid-Off Peace Corps Volunteers (Poets&Quants)
UVA Darden Offers Full-Time MBA Class of 2022 Flexibility, Options and Support in Response to Global Uncertainty (Darden)
HBS Asks Admitted Students To Take ‘Leap Of Faith’ & Start This Fall (Poets&Quants)
Update on Fall 2020 – And What It Means for those Applying to HBS Next Year (Harvard Business School)
5 Reasons Students Should Consider Taking a Gap Year Now (The Conversation)
CSU Cancels Fall in-Person Classes: What You Need to Know (Los Angeles Times)
College in the Coronavirus Pandemic: No Fall Break and Home by Thanksgiving (The New York Times)
Cambridge University Will Hold Its Lectures Online Next Year (The New York Times)
College in the Fall of 2020: Fever Checks and Quarantine Dorms (The New York Times)
What Will Business School Look Like in the Fall? (WSJ)

Predictions for the Future
COVID-19: Four Big Predictions for MBAs & B-Schools (Poets&Quants)
Ten Ways B-Schools Will Change After The Pandemic (Poets&Quants)
How Will Covid-19 Change Business Education? (The Aspen Institute)
Implications Of Coronavirus On Business, According To Top B-School Deans (BusinessBecause)
Why Sustainability Tops the Agenda for Business Schools (FIND MBA)
It’s Time To Take Time Out Of Learning And Reinvent Higher Education (Forbes)
What Business Schools Will Look Like After The Pandemic (Poets&Quants)
The Future of Virtual Education: An Interview with Michael Horn (Davis College)
Management Education in a Disrupted World (The GRLI)
Globally Responsive Business Education: An Antipodean View (The GRLI)
The Pandemic Increases the Challenges Facing Business Schools (The Economist )
Big Impact: Coronavirus To Hasten The Rise Of MBA ‘Alternatives’ (Poets&Quants)
Can Elite Business Schools Survive Coronavirus? (Fast Company)
Coronavirus: The Future of Universities (Capitalisn’t)
How the Pandemic will Shake Up the University Landscape (POLITICO)
Experts Predict What MBA Programs Will Look like after Coronavirus (Business Insider)
Global Study Of Business School Decision Makers Highlights Optimism In The Higher Education Sector And Reveals Priorities For 2020 And Beyond (CEOWORLD Magazine)

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