Calling for 2023’s Best Reporting on AI

January 8, 2024  • Tom Latkowski

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) will have profound implications for our world. Already, there are many positive use cases that people are exploring, like solving the scientific puzzle of protein folding, improving global climate modeling, and helping spot dangerous landmines left behind from past wars. At the same time, many have raised valid concerns that AI could be used to accelerate mis- and disinformation, disrupt the labor force, or even cause large-scale catastrophes.

As we sort through these implications, mitigating the harms and taking advantage of the benefits, we need to be thoughtful and listen carefully to a diverse set of voices. A wide-ranging, well-informed public conversation is essential. Journalists have an important role to play in educating the public and helping people to understand how AI is showing up in their lives.

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