So What?

Check Yo Self!

June 12, 2015  • Institute Contributor


Your pals at “So What?” yammered on quite a lot back in April about participatory  evaluation – genuinely participatory evaluation – with help from Carlisle Levine, Laia Grino, and Leslie Groves. Then DDF moderated a fascinating (and participatory) session on participatory M&E at the Girls Not Brides Global Member Meeting in Casablanca, Morocco last month. Check out the GNB Resource Centre where you’ll find presentations by Kecia Bertermann on how Girl Hub Rwanda used the Sense Maker tool to capture girls’ stories, and by Doris Bartel of CARE on capturing the voices of girls and parents in Nepal and Bangladesh. And tons more cool stuff.


Breakfast: Check! Power: Check!

As we blogged a few weeks ago, Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy initiative has developed a free online community organizing capacity assessment tool – more concisely known as PowerCheck. Intrigued? Well, guess what: AFJ’s Sue Hoechstetter and Movement Matters’ David Haiman will be live and in person with APEP on July 14 to discuss how nonprofits, foundations, and evaluators can use the tool to help assess capacity for community organizing. Click here for deets and event registration.


Put that data to work!

As evaluators, we like it best when we see data – collected with love and painstaking care, of course – actually being put to good use by our clients. Let it inform strategic planning. Use it to strengthen impact! Our pals over at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) agree. That’s why their upcoming metrics conference on June 23-24 will focus on Impact Data in Action, discussing how to make sense of evaluation results and use data to increase impact. Want a piece of this action? There’s still time to join this list of very cool people attending. Spoiler alert: one of APEP’s own will be leading a session on how to make the most of a small data set. Yowza.


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