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Citizen Advocacy on the Hill / Poo Haikus / Foreign Aid

October 14, 2011

You’ve Got Mail
The Congressional Management Foundation just released “How Citizen Advocacy is Changing Mail Operations on Capitol Hill” incorporating results from their latest survey of congressional staff. The report shows that from 2005 to 2010 there was a 49% increase in the number of congressional offices using email to reply to constituents. Wowza! If you want to probe deeper, Foundation CEO Brad Fitch will be discussing these and other findings at InterAction on October 26th.

Some of you may already know your poo IQ, but can you write a poo haiku? In an effort to raise awareness of diarrheal disease around the world, PATH is encouraging people to pen their own haikus. Here’s our best shot. “Down You Go, Lil’ Poo / Into Pipes, Far from my Food / Can’t All Have This Too?” That’s right, folks: Shakespeare got nothin’ on us.

A Check or a Packers T-Shirt? Hmm…Tough Choice
Foreign Policy’s Charles Kenny challenges the West to think more seriously about the “stuff”—from yoga mats to clowns—that it sends out to developing countries in the form of aid. He argues that money can have much more of an impact in struggling countries than in-kind donations or leftovers, as was the case with millions of pop-tarts sent to Afghanistan. Yep, it’s common sense; but Americans, charitable as they may be, could use some perspective.