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College Excellence Program Director on Metrics Behind the College Rankings System

October 31, 2013

In the video above, College Excellence Program Executive Director Josh Wyner weighs in on how to decide between cost versus quality.

The college rankings industry continues to thrive on parents’ and students’ thirst for lists of the “best colleges” in the US. But as the cost of tuition continutes to rise, popular factors — such as the most prestigious universities, best party schools, and smallest class sizes — have given way to “best value” rankings. “Value” rankings factor in affordability and job success rates to determine which schools offer the most return on an often hefty investment. 

In the video clip below, Aspen Institute College Excellence Program Executive Director Josh Wyner discusses the reasons behind the rise in the number of college rankings available.

Wyner continues, explaining the challenges of the increasingly popular college rankings that measure a student’s return on investment, including what’s missing from these statistics.