Climate Change

Communications for the New Climate

March 5, 2023  • Jessica Harrington, Redwood Climate Communications & Emily Prettyman, Redwood Climate Communications

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One might interpret “ climate communications” as sharing information and perspectives related to information or education about the climate crisis. But at a deeper level, climate communications refers to dynamic communication that intersects with diverse experiences, attitudes, and innovations related to climate change.

This toolkit is designed to help communicators amplify active messages about the climate crisis that highlight solutions and positive work that is being done to address the crisis. Whether you are a climate tech company looking to promote your climate solution, a nonprofit with an ambitious goal, or an individual climate activist, this toolkit will help you tell your story.

Emily and Jessica are part of the 2023 cohort of the Aspen Institute Future Leaders Climate Initiative and are Senior Account Executives for Redwood Climate Communications, a PR and communications firm supporting climate tech companies and environmental causes.