Around the Institute

A Conversation about Grassroots Engagement

September 19, 2014

Breakfast’s On Us Next Friday

Our next advocacy evaluation breakfast is coming up – on September 26th at 8:15am – so we encourage you to register and reserve your seat (and croissant) ASAP. Sam Daley-Harris, founder of RESULTS and author of Reclaiming Our Democracy, will be sharing with us key lessons from his decades of work with grassroots advocates. Former Oklahoma Congressman and current Aspen Institute Vice President Mickey Edwards will be moderating the discussion. And yes, the rumors are true: C-SPAN will be taping the entire thing.

Back to Science Class

On October 9th, the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins University will be hosting a forum on public health advocacy on their Baltimore campus. APEP’s own David Devlin-Foltz will be presenting on “the science of advocacy.” Intrigued? Sign up to attend. Can’t make it to Baltimore? Shoot us an email and ask us about it. We’ll go all science-y on you – or (more accurately) all art and science-y.

Interpretive Dance for Evaluation

You read correctly, people. Interpretive dance for evaluation. As connoisseurs of all things dance (interpretive or not), we appreciate a good move to keep things fresh. But we hadn’t thought of using dance – or movement more generally – as an evaluation tool. Michael Szanyi sure thinks it’s possible. We bet Damian Woetzel and colleagues in the Aspen Institute Arts Program might agree. Let’s keep our eyes open for new, and unusual, evaluation tools and methodologies.