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Conversations Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 9, 2016  • Institute Staff

This past week, the Aspen Institute celebrated Mother’s Day by looking at the important issues facing parents raising children in today’s environment.

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The Aspen Children’s Forum Keynote Address: The Voices of those Putting Children First

In a world of knowledge, innovation, technology, and policy, award-winning playwright and actress Anna Deavere Smith brings the conversation to the people involved. This one-woman show features the experiences of four real life characters — a child battling cancer, a parent, a physician, and an ethicist. Each vignette is the product of an interview the playwright conducted with the person involved.

The Aspen Children’s Forum: A Children-First Discovery Agenda

Remarkable progress in pediatric research and discovery has led to major advances in children’s health, but there is still much work to be done. By highlighting past achievements and future discoveries within reach, we can begin to see the immense impact that pediatric research can have on children and adults, both locally and globally. What would our overall research and development priorities be if we were to put children first?

The Aspen Children’s Forum: Nutrition and Healthy Weight — Countering the Obesity Epidemic

Maintaining a healthy weight is an essential component of overall health and well-being during childhood, with long-term beneficial health effects. What are the underlying societal influences that have led to a dramatic increase in obesity rates in North America and much of the developed world, and what are the solutions? How can we instill healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activity, in children?

The Aspen Children’s Forum: Policy Determinants of a Child’s Well-being and Health Outcomes

What is the relationship between policy implementation and childrens’ health outcomes? What role can philanthropy play in forging partnerships with private and public sector actors to meet an unmet public health need? This session examines models of cross-sector partnerships in an effort to underscore the importance of both collaboration and leverage on behalf of children’s health and well-being.