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Corporate $$ Against Citizens United – Telling Stories with Digital Media – And David’s New Job

January 21, 2011  • Paul L. Sparks


United Citizens against Citizens United
How about a “Democracy Super-PAC” to combat corporate campaign finance? Might sound crazy, might sound hypocritical, but to Gideon Rosenblatt, it sounds like a good start. Whatever one feels about the merits of Rosenblatt’s argument for campaign finance reform, you can’t deny his sense for policy jujitsu. Just imagine using the Citizens United decision to power up the campaign to overturn it.

The Future of Storytelling 
In an era of immediate and abundant communication, the craft of message delivery may be as important as the message itself. Speaking yesterday at a Global Health Council / InterAction co-sponsored event, Wendy Hanamura of LinkTV’s promoted as the future of advocacy messaging. Whether or not that’s the case, it’s a pretty nifty site.

When we needed a hero… and no one else came … we got this guy
Our colleague David Devlin-Foltz is co-chairing the American Evaluation Association’s rapidly-growing “topical interest group” on Advocacy and Policy Change. (Advice to DDF: next time they ask for volunteers, sit on your hands.) But hey, we like the AEA and urge our readers to sign up. You’ll be able to check out fun stuff like these “Coffee Break Webinars.” Hint: DDF is doing one on April 7th.


“So What?” – Your Weekly Guide to Advocacy With Impact

Fighting AIDS as Corporate Policy
“We Agree” that Chevron’s campaign to raise awareness about their work fighting HIV/AIDS is good advertising. In fact, it’s similar to the wildly successful approach taken by the Nike Foundation’s Girl Effect. The motives behind corporate social responsibility may be questionable, but framing this priority issue as a “MUST” for corporate policy is bold. Tell us what you think, comment on our blog.

Net Philanthropy Flops and Futures might go bust. The Internet giant’s foray into philanthropy is precipitously scaling back. Maybe it was poor planning. In our experience “reinvent the world” is not a terribly realistic benchmark. Hopefully the past won’t be prediction for the now operational (beta), a project of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Remember, we mentioned it a while back.

Upcoming Event: Internet Advocacy, Networking and Alcohol (what’s not to love?)
The Internet Advocacy Routable has been a forum for discussion since 2005. It’s a great place to learn about cutting-edge advocacy strategy and meet other professionals. Click here to check out and RSVP for next Tuesday’s event.