Dancing for a Cause

May 23, 2014

Thanks for Coming, Folks!

Our advocacy evaluation breakfast two days ago was a hit: a meaty presentation about the “Advocacy Index” informed by the local Lebanese context, a lively discussion about its development and implementation, and – let’s not forget – plenty of coffee and carbs to go around. Our presenters, Marialice Ariens from USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives and Oriana Wuerth from Chemonics, encourage all of you to check out USAID’s Advocacy Resource Center for more. We’ve uploaded their power point presentation to our website for your reading pleasure.


How do new social movements emerge? What factors influence the speed of their development? OpenDemocracy’s provocative article on the topic – “Can disruptive power create social movements?” – attempts to answer these questions by diving into the work of noted political scientist Frances Piven, whose 1977 book Poor People’s Movements laid the groundwork for the study of movement-building. The article ends, appropriately, with some brief commentary on the enduring relevance of Piven’s research to other, more practical (and activist-oriented) approaches to movements.

Happiness at Ford

That Darren Walker, just so darn likable. Latest evidence: this video released by the Ford Foundation last week celebrating 30 years of collaboration with Ballet Hispanico. Not only does Foundation President Walker tout the Foundation’s commitment to supporting cultural institutions to promote broader social change, but the video conveys this same message through dance. Yep, you read correctly – dance. Culture and social movements. A mighty combination indeed.