So What?

Does capacity stay built? Good question.

May 22, 2015  • David Devlin-Foltz

Wait – you’re evaluating me?

Some “So What?” readers, and even some APEP-pers, provide training on M&E capacity building. Indeed, some of us are in Morocco doing exactly that for the amazing Girls Not Brides global member meeting. But what happens after the training?  Do the trainees actually do anything differently?  As evaluation trainers, do we hold ourselves accountable for our results?  Heh.  Here’s a timely AEA365 post that describes how CLEAR gathers data through trainee “tracer surveys” after the fact. Bravo.  


For sustainable impact, head South.

On the estimable PELICAN listerv,  EveryChild highlighted their efforts to close out programs in ways that promote sustainable results by transferring funding and authority to southern NGOs. Check out what they are learning about “responsible exit principles.”  This powerful piece by EveryChild CEO Anna Feuchtwang makes the case for other INGOs to follow their lead.  EveryChild will revisit closed programs next year to see what has been sustained.  And this from FHI360 describes how mighty USAID is reassessing exit strategies from large USAID/Food for Peace projects.     


ACT Now, IACT Now…PowerCheck Up!

The Alliance for Justice developed its comprehensive Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT!) and its companion international edition (IACT) to offer advocacy organizations, coalitions, evaluators, and funders a comprehensive checklist of, well, advocacy capacities and skills. Stay tuned for deets about a forthcoming Aspen Evaluation Breakfast with AFJ’s Sue Hoechstetter discussing their PowerCheck tool for assessing community organizing.