The Environment

An Earth Day Preview of the Aspen Environment Forum

April 19, 2012  • Nicole Alexiev

How do we adapt to the challenges presented by a changing climate? What are the solutions? What are the opportunities?

These are the questions we will be discussing with leading thinkers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and citizens at the Aspen Environment Forum this June. For this fifth year of the Forum, we’ve been working hard with the editors of National Geographic to put together an event that is solutions-oriented. While weather events, energy issues, and changes to our natural habitat continue to dominate the global news in a sensational way, the Aspen Environment Forum provides the framing and context for why events such as these are occurring, and offers a platform where you can become better informed, fully engaged, and where we will find solutions, together. Sometimes the news is just too depressing. As we approach Earth Day, let’s seek out the opportunities. In honor of Earth Day, please take advantage of a 10 percent discount, good till April 23, by REGISTERING HERE.

A sneak peek into this year’s program:
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Dr. Jane Lubchenco will discuss the Administration’s new “Climate Normal” data and what it portends for a warming world; Pulitzer Prize-winning naturalist E.O. Wilson will present his groundbreaking “Life on Earth” series; the Post Carbon Institute’s Richard Heinberg will answer the question: “Are We at The Beginning of the End of Growth”; National Geographic photographers will present dramatic and revealing illustrations of environmental shifts from their travels; the New York City Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability’s Rohit Aggarwala will report back from Rio+20 and discuss the role of cities in solving the climate crises; communications professionals such as Nancy Barron, Frank Sesno, and Lisa Witter will work with us to become better communicators when discussing these sometimes hot button issues; and we’ll probe together the lessons the climate movement can learn from the Arab Spring.

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