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Entrepreneurship is Learned, not Given – Tina Seelig Inspires and Urges in Aspen Lecture

June 30, 2016  • John Stokes, TrackMaven

This morning’s Aspen Lecture featured an inspired talk from Stanford University professor TINA SEELIG focusing on connecting the dots between inspiration and implementation. Entrepreneurship is a tricky business, and Seelig presents a framework, the Invention Cycle, that gives inventors the confidence to execute on their ideas.

Successful entrepreneurs have an aptitude for innovation, not just creativity, and there’s a huge difference:

Innovation isn’t about strokes of genius and moments of brilliance — it’s a discipline rooted in preparedness and in ‘little experiments:’

Seelig’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs? Don’t put the cart before the horse.

And a word of encouragement to those aspiring inventors who don’t know where to begin – open up and let your passion find YOU.

Tina Seelig’s points rang true this week as great minds collect in Aspen to share compelling ideas. Her talk is an important reminder that ideas alone don’t drive change – ideas and innovation do, and that inventing isn’t an inherited quality – it’s imbued through engaging with the world.

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