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Evaluation for Breakfast — Again?

April 3, 2015  • David Devlin-Foltz

Locally Owned Evaluation – Now with Caffeine!

A few weeks back, we featured this smart, well-researched InterAction paper from Carlisle Levine and Laia Grino. So you’ve all read why and how evaluations of development projects should (and can) include authentic local ownership. They are tough on tokenism. They are pragmatic about participation. We’ve invited them to breakfast to learn more: April 23rd at 8:15 AM right here at APEP world headquarters. Save that date for the next in our Aspen evaluation breakfast series, people.  



Our pals at the Spark Policy Institute call themselves Sparklers, which we suppose is no sillier than calling ourselves APEP-pers. Jewyla Lynn and colleagues recently released the advocate’s evaluation toolkit. As the name suggests, advocates will find it a useful guide to why and how evaluation can help their work. Good stuff.  Spark on.  



Somebody ought to put together a really great training on advocacy evaluation. Wait – we hear it’s here. London-based Pamoja (“together” in Swahili) offers training and access to well-curated resources and a network of alumni.