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Fellows from the Action Forum featured on Huffington Post

July 29, 2013

The first annual Aspen Leaders Action Forum, held in Aspen, CO, from July 29-Aug. 1, brings 350 global leaders from education, government, business, and other fields to discuss their entrepreneurial ideas and form strategies to bring these ideas into action. A few of the fellows are contributing blog posts to The Huffington Post Aspen Institute channel.

Each piece features thoughts and perspectives from the fellows on their fields of expertise. Here are a few of the most recently contributed posts:

Peter Reiling, Aspen Institute Executive Director, Henry Crown Fellowship Program & Executive Vice President for Leadership and Seminar Programs: With 350 fellows from 46 countries convening in a space meant for deep self-discovery and inspiration for action, Reiling explains what to expect at the first annual Aspen Leaders Action Forum. Read Reiling’s latest Huffington Post blog.


Carrie Norton, founder and president, Green Business BASE CAMP: Through the lens of her experience as a Catto Fellow in Environmental Leadership, Norton details the benefits of how interactive roundtable discussions and dialogue with other like-minded visionaries helps further each fellow’s mission. Read Norton’s latest Huffington Post blog.


Jean-Claude Brizard, senior advisor, College Board: As a 27-year veteran working in the US education system, Brizard writes about the progress in closing the opportunity gap among public school students, but stresses the need to rethink the structure of public schools in terms of what we teach, how we teach, and how to assess student understanding of what they’re being taught. Read Brizard’s latest Huffington Post blog.


Tamsin Smith, president, SlipStreamStrategy: Smith explains how the Socratic approach of the Aspen Leaders Action Forum inspires participants to step up to our society’s challenges, inspire, and make change. Read Smith’s Huffington Post blog.