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Water: Ocean Protection, Conservation and Live Art Day 1 of Aspen Ideas Festival

June 29, 2015  • Tripp Brockway, Guest Blogger

Water emerged as a major topic of interest during the fist full day of the Aspen Ideas Festival. The ways in which water has already become central to the conversation runs the gambit, from unbelievable live-art to discussions of how to maintain the ocean’s bounty for future generations.

Here are three examples of the activity on social media:

1. The importance of oceans to life

Marine Biologist and National Geographic explorer-in-residence Sylvia Earle summed up the past, present, and future role oceans play for life on Earth.  

2. Protecting our oceans

Walton Family Foundation environment program Director Barry Gold, former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator Jane Lubchenco, and the Ocean Conservancy’s Julia Roberson discussed solutions to the major threats to the ocean’s ecosystems. 

3. Water as art

2015 Harman-Eisner Artist-in-Residence JR and former Artist-in-Residence Lil Buck demonstrated the beauty of water with a stunning live-art collaboration. 

Artist in Residence @lilbuckdalegend. Enough said. #AspenIdeas

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