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FRIDAY FACES: Tech Leaders Discuss How Big Data is Changing Our Lives

December 13, 2013  • Sarai Johnson, Guest Blogger


The Aspen Institute, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Intel recently hosted a conference focused on big data and the information revolution. Guest panelists discussed how big data — and its creators and contributors — are changing our lives, and the policy implications that surround these transitions.

America Online Co-founder Steve Case, in conversation with the Institute’s President and CEO Walter Isaacson, said that growth is impossible without innovation. He suggested that the data produced and made available by the federal government could be a useful tool in innovating, as well. For an overview of the event, read our previous blog post here.

In conjunction with the conference, the Bipartisan Policy Center released a report highlighting the promise, challenges, and policy issues associated with the use of big data in health care and homeland security.

The photo gallery above captures the speakers and guests at the event.

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