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Glen Beck Lost/The Death of Nonprofits/Research to Policy

April 8, 2011  • Lisa Molinaro

Glenn Beck Lost. But Who “Won”?
The world might be a marginally saner place without Glenn Beck on TV daily.  Fox may simply be acknowledging that Beck’s TV audience and commercial sponsors have decreased significantly.  So it is difficult to have faith that Faithful America can truly claim this “major victory” for its members.  There are other claimants here and here  Remember: A little modesty about our contributions to advocacy outcomes is healthy, especially in coalitional work – and more honest.

The Death of Some Nonprofits Is a Good Thing
At APEP, we dream of working ourselves out of a job someday by empowering our clients develop sustainable planning and evaluation strategies.  Working oneself out of a job is not a far-fetched dream for some nonprofits who are now preparing to wind down as their missions near completion.  Malaria No More and Out2Play are some of the featured organizations in this week’s New York Times piece on nonprofit success.

From Research to Policy to Poverty Alleviation…Poof!
Well, it’s not as easy as “poof”…but economist Esther Duflo has taken on the noble challenge of convincing policy makers that they might benefit from applying research findings of prominent development economists.  Her latest book, Poor Economics, a Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty will help bring “the economics of poverty” into international political discussions still further and offers sometimes challenging guidance to policy makers, philanthropists, and activists.