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Global Dispatches from the Aspen Security Forum

August 8, 2022  • Aspen Strategy Group

While certain topics at the Aspen Security Forum can feel niche, the event’s main subject—global security—affects us all. Participants included eminent policymakers, diplomats, academics, and commentators who made news all around the world from the Aspen stage.

This July, dozens of journalists were on the ground for the event which returned to Aspen, Colorado for the first time since 2019. The forum, produced by the Aspen Strategy Group, teamed up with media partner NBC News who live-streamed its reports and created multiple live segments from its on-site studio. Other video outlets, including international networks Al Jazeera, CGTN, and Xinhua, reported from the forum, creating live video stand-ups, dozens of video reports, and anchoring shows from another on-site studio. Dozens of print and digital media outlets reported on the forum before, during, and after the event. Podcast recordings for Politico, SiriusXM, Global Dispatch, and others ensured the forum was represented on a wide variety of platforms.

If you missed any of the news that was made at the forum, we’ve compiled links to the coverage below with the acknowledgment the forum may continue to make news. In global security, the story is always developing.

We’ll discuss these topics again at the next Aspen Security Forum on December 8 in Washington, DC. There will assuredly be plenty of news made then.

National Security
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