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Google Advocacy / Do-Gooder Nonprofit Video Awards / Faith, Values, and Foreign Policy

March 11, 2011  • Lisa Molinaro

Google Advocacy
Google’s doodles are creative adaptations of the Google logo that commemorate featured events (often important birthdays and holidays). This year, in collaboration with Women for Women International, Google featured International Women’s Day. The campaign included donation links, ways to celebrate, and Pegwoman. Google’s power to influence its millions of daily viewers is not trivial and we are happy that March 8th went to women.

Do-Gooder Nonprofit Video Awards

YouTube might not get as many hits as Google’s front page, but a video can still be a great way to advertise your cause. Sixteen organizations made the final cut for the Do-Gooder Nonprofit Video Awards, with videos that frame their cause in striking ways. If you’re used to squeezing your pitch into a 10 second sound bite, free internet television provides some well-deserved flexibility. Still, it’s impressive to see what some of these videos capture in 30 seconds.

Faith, Values, and Foreign Policy: U.S. Leadership in a Changing Middle East

For those of our DC-based colleagues working to influence U.S. foreign policy, this may be of interest to you: Washington National Cathedral and the Aspen Institute present a program featuring former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, James Baker, and Colin Powell. This program explores the role and challenge of addressing diverse cultural values and religious beliefs in diplomacy while protecting American interests globally.