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March 4, 2011  • Paul L. Sparks

The Government is Out of Touch With the Average American
And the average American knows how to reduce the deficit. According to a Program for Public Consultation study released yesterday, most Americans would cut defense spending, increase taxes and spend 130% more on job training. All told, plans generated in the study would increase federal revenue by an average of $292 billion and achieve broad bi-partisan support. Click here to read the full report.

Making Congress Work for You
It’s tough times for many of the advocates APEP works with. But that doesn’t mean it has to be time wasted. Now might be the moment to get back to basics, hone your message and build capacity. For a little help, check out the Advocacy Guru’s checklist for communicating with congress. This is a simple guide that will help make your message more focused and congressional communications more efficient.

New Capital for Small Businesses
Everyone is talking about the power of social networks (including us), but connecting the dots between their power and your organization’s bottom line is a bit more challenging., while tailored to small business development, provides tools that can help you organize a network of small donors, gain contributions and (if their model works as advertised) expand your capital base exponentially.