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Grassroots Advocacy/Walking for a Cause

June 24, 2011

Grassroots Advocacy
We know from experience that InterAction’s Advocacy Evaluation series, sponsored by their Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group and the International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice, is a fantastic resource to learn about the latest methods in the field directly from experts and advocates. Next week, the Outreach and Communications Working Group is hosting an event featuring reps from CARE, Mercy Corps, and the RESULTS Educational F und on the challenges of evaluating grassroots advocacy. Don’t miss it!

Walking for a Cause
In a recent Op-Ed for the New York Times, Ted Gup writes about the “Weirdness of Walking to Raise Money.” In other words, is a walk-a-thon the best way to engage potential donors? Or potential advocates? Advocacy groups need to find meaningful hooks or points of entry—choose your metaphor—especially when trying to engage people for the first time on an issue.

Changing the Conversation on Sluts…by Walking
Does the SlutWalk movement fit Gup’s profile of ineffective walk-a-thons? Or has it achieved its mission of spreading awareness around violence against women? In just a matter of months, 81 SlutWalk chapters have formed worldwide in response to a police officer’s comment that women should avoid dressing like sluts. With a fair share of both praise and criticism, we can at least say that SlutWalks are causing a stir.