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Highlights from Day 3 | 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival

June 29, 2013  • AIF Blogger

Aspen Ideas 2013 Chrystia Freeland  EJ Dionne

“The hollowing out of the middle class is probably one of the most difficult issues of our time.” —Chrystia Freeland

Nadia Al-Sakkaf Aspen Ideas 2013

“Imagine you’ve been cooking all your life without salt; it was locked in a closet. This is where we are; we are trying to cook in the new Yemen and salt is women. It’s important to remember there is salt, and it has to be included in ingredients. We are still writing the recipe. By mid 2014, we will know if we have a good meal or food poisoning.” —Nadia Al-Sakkaf

Aspen Ideas Festival 2013 Mike McConnell

“[The Snowden affair] has caused irrevocable harm in our ability to protect the country. By compromising that information, we will be less able to do our mission.” —Mike McConnell

Aspen Ideas Festival 2013 Sarah Heyward

“TV has done something for women in politics. It is normalizing women in power.” —Sarah Heyward

Jane Harman Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“The war on terror is a misnomer; terror is a tactic.” —Jane Harman

Mona Eltahawy Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“Women must not pay the price for the stability [Egypt] is requiring. We are the cheapest bargaining chips thrown across the table to appease people.” —Mona Eltahawy

Aspen Ideas Festival 2013 Skipper

“I don’t think the threat [to traditional TV companies] is the digital or devices; I think the threat is to the traditional business model.” —John Skipper