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Aspen IFS Participates in CAP Panel on “Protecting the Nest Egg”

July 1, 2008  • Institute Contributor

In July 2008, Aspen IFS Policy Director Pamela Perun participated in a panel of leading policy experts convened by The Center for American Progress to discuss the state of America’s retirement security in light of the slumping economy. Perun argued for a fundamental shift in the way Americans view savings, starting at birth and continuing throughout the lifecycle.

Perun outlined the four proposals included in Savings for Life: Child Accounts, Home Accounts, America’s IRA, and Security Plus Annuities. Stressing the importance of universality, simplicity, matching incentives, and private sector involvement, Perun underscored the importance of a comprehensive savings society, both for the financial security of individual Americans and for the overarching health of the United States economy.

To view the panel’s discussion, “Protecting the Nest Egg in the Turbulent Economy,” click here.