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Introducing the Aspen Journal of Ideas

September 10, 2014  • Karam Singh Sethi

In July, the Aspen Institute launched a new digital publication, the Aspen Journal of Ideas. The Journal features a curated collection of essays, conversations, and opinions from the thought leaders of the Institute community.

The Journal aims to capture the Institute’s mission of fostering critical conversation within its online pages. The goal of the Journal is to highlight important ideas and flesh out innovative solutions to pressing issues of the day. We want to tell stories about good policy helping people and changing lives and spotlight critical trends that will impact our society.

With our design, we hope to give readers an uncluttered experience and use video and images sparingly to keep our audience focused on the rich content itself. In the months ahead, we’ll be launching new interactive tools to allow readers to annotate and share their thoughts in the Journal. And we’ll be collecting insights from new programs joining the Aspen Institute family and new events unfolding throughout the year.

Visit the Journal site to browse through the current edition, which includes contributions from Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson on Henry Kissinger and UC Berkeley Professor Ken Goldberg on cloud robotics. Visit the contact page of the Journal to submit an article or reach the editor with a question or a comment.

Karam Singh Sethi is assitant editor of the Journal.