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Lisa Mensah Discusses What Americans Want for Social Security

March 12, 2013  • Institute Contributor

On March 12, 2013 the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) hosted a discussion in Washington D.C. entitled “Beyond the Sequester: What Do Americans Want for Social Security?”

James Roosevelt, Jr., moderated the keynote panel on Social Security reform which featured Jasmine V. Tucker, Income Security Senior Policy Analyst at NASI; Mathew Greenwald, President and CEO of Mathew Greenwald and Associates; Lisa Mensah, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security (Aspen IFS), and Virginia Reno, Vice President for Income Security Policy at NASI. 

Discussion was focused on potential reform for Social Security such as adopting the chained CPI.  This was centered around new findings from an innovative national survey regarding constituent’s opinions on the proposed changes.  This event hosted top experts on Social Security to convene on the critical questions of what Americans want out of their Social Security and what are the potential implications for policy makers.