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Lisa Mensah Presents the 2013 Robert M. Ball Award

June 25, 2013  • Institute Contributor

On June 25, 2013, Lisa Mensah, Executive Director of Aspen IFS and outgoing Board of Directors Chair of the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI), presented Alice Mitchell Rivlin with the 2013 Robert M. Ball Award for Outstanding Achievements in Social Insurance.  Ms. Rivlin is a senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at Brookings, a visiting professor at the Public Policy Institute of Georgetown University and the Interim Director of the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform. She recently served as a member of the President’s Debt Commission, was founding director of CBO, served as OMB director and was Federal Reserve Vice Chair. She is an expert on fiscal and monetary policy

The Robert M. Ball annual award ceremony is attended by policy, research, advocacy, and business leaders who share a common passion for strengthening social insurance and reflecting on its important role in a vibrant economy and in providing economic security for all Americans.