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Lisa Mensah Speaks at the National Forum to Encourage Lower-Income Household Savings

March 30, 2011  • Institute Contributor

On March 30, 2011, Lisa Mensah delivered opening remarks at the Consumer Federation of America’s National Forum to Encourage Lower-Income Household Savings.  The Forum convened leading savings advocates from around the country who reflected on their local efforts to increase savings during America Saves Week 2011, which ran from February 20-27, 2011.

Mensah opened the forum by discussing federal policy initiatives designed to promote savings.  In the spirit of this year’s America Saves Week theme, “Making Savings Automatic,” Mensah discussed specific policy proposals in place, such as the President’s Automatic IRA proposal.  Mensah also spoke about general savings needs that the recession underscored, including Americans’ need to return to smart and simple savings solutions, and cited Aspen IFS’s Back to Basics: A Savings Approach to Homeownership as an example. 

Mensah closed by reminding the audience that increasing personal savings is a goal shared across political parties, affirming the savings policy remains a top issue in Washington policy circles. 

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