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Listen Longer 10/17: Urban Innovation

October 19, 2015  • Aspen Institute Staff

This past week Aspen Institute Radio celebrated the Institute’s third annual CityLab, which takes place in London this week. This episode features excerpts of key sessions from past CityLabs, including talks on the pros and cons of redevelopment, the creation of the next tech city, and the future of urban mobility. 

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Is Redevelopment Good for Everyone?

“Redevelopment” is the latest urban innovation buzzword, encapsulating the construction building, think tank postulating, and city advising necessary to expand urban real estate developments. But while redevelopment may look impressive on blueprints, is it truly beneficial to the communities it’s meant to serve?

City 2.0: Creating the Next Tech Cities

San Francisco, New York City, London, Vancouver: All are considered “tech cities,” or areas that serve as hubs for technology firms. But prominent tech leaders are beginning to question if these companies are outgrowing their current locations, while offering suggestions for where technology businesses should move to next.

Imagining 2024: Urban America

With families and empty nesters moving to cities — coupled by the fact that 40 percent of millennials say they plan to live in urban settings — population growth in US cities is outpacing the growth of the suburbs. What will this reshaping of the American landscape mean for society, and how can cities best plan, govern, and design for the future?

Al Gore: Climate in Cities

Former Vice President Al Gore isn’t just a politician — he is also an environmentalist, widely regarded for his Academy-Award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which depicts the effects of global warming. Seven years after the movie’s debut, Gore sits down with The Atlantic’s Editor-in-Chief James Bennet to discuss the current state of climate change, and the relationship between the environment and cities