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Listen Longer 11/21: Thanksgiving and Food

November 23, 2015  • Aspen Institute Staff

This past week, in light of the Thanksgiving holiday, Aspen Institute Radio focused on food, including food safety regulations, the global food supply, and what “farm to table” actually means.

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US Food Policy, Past and Present

Agricultural decisions made on US soil have powerful effects on the global food supply. Two US Department of Agriculture Secretaries — one past, one present — come together to talk about American food policies, including water conservation, pesticide use, and disease management.

Is Your Food Safe?

New food-related disease outbreaks seem to hit the news every week, but it’s hard to know whether that reflects an overzealous press, or a lack of adequate safety inspections. How do we ensure the safety of our fish, meat, and produce? Can we trust foreign suppliers to comply with US standards of food quality?

The Fight for Good Food

For five years, Sam Kass worked as senior policy advisor for nutrition policy at the White House. Kass reflects on the White House’s priorities and successful strategies for bringing ‘good food’ to Americans, as well as the far-flung effects of first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.

Farm to Table or Freezer to Table: What’s Healthier?

Even top chefs are turning their backs on the term “farm to table” — a catch-all phrase losing its meaning in the culinary world. So what’s really “fresh,” and what’s best for you?