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Listen Longer 2/28: Reimagining Education

March 2, 2015  • Institute Contributor

This week on Aspen Institute Radio we explored the world of learning and education. The two-hour radio show airs every Saturday and Sunday on SiriusXM Insight (channel 121). Each episode will dive into the topics that inform the world around you. Here in our weekly Listen Longer posts, we’ll recap each episode and show you where you can read, watch, and listen to more. Don’t have SiriusXM? Try it free for a month here.

The Science of Learning
Science of Learning

Explore the latest findings from leading science research are telling us about the ways that students learn. What do the new findings call into question about traditional college and university teaching and learning practices? Listen to the full conversation about how colleges can increase student learning.

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  • Today, 13 million students are being educated in more than 1,000 community colleges across the country. Here are the five outcomes that matter most in creating exceptional student outcomes at community colleges.  
  • When it comes to the state of student testing in the US, College Board President and CEO David Coleman said, “We are building an iron wall of inequality today into the next century.” Watch his discussion on student testing and inequality.

The One World Schoolhouse


Salman Khan reimagines education hierarchies and spreads opportunities to learn around the world through technology at the Khan Academy. Learn how he first started creating online learning videos, and how the online platform is finding geniuses around the world in his discussion about “The One World Schoolhouse.”

Interested in Khan Academy? Check out the Institute’s courses on topics including civics, America’s founding, and more.

How To Fix Our Schools


“We’re demanding and expecting too much of teachers without giving them help and support,” said Joel Klein, former chancellor of the New York City Department of Education and CEO of Amplify, an education tech company. Watch his full conversation about education reform here.

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Redesigning Learning

Jim Shelton, former deputy secretary of the US Department of Education, discussed the connected classroom and putting more resources into the hands of teachers.