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Margaret Thatcher Set History In Motion at the Aspen Institute

April 8, 2013

As we remember former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the day of her passing, we found this record of her visit to the Aspen Institute on Aug. 5, 1990. The Iron Lady, along with then-President George H. W. Bush, came to Aspen to celebrate the Institute’s 40th anniversary.

In her speech titled “Shaping a New Global Community,” she addresses the phenomenon of such an appearance. “It must be rare for an American President and a British Prime Minister to address the same Conference of a private institute,” Thatcher said. “It is a great tribute to the Aspen Institute’s prestige and of course has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the climate and the beauty of Aspen at this time of year—they are purely coincidental.”

Thatcher addressed the new era of the “global community,” offering a vision containing insights into the course of history. Read the full speech.

George H.W. Bush and Margaret_Thatcher_Address_Aspen

From left to right: Aspen Institute President David McLaughlin, US President George H. W. Bush, former ARCO Chairman and CEO Lodwrick Cook and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the Aspen Institute, Aug. 5, 1990.


British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

President George H. W. Bush

Aspen Institute President David McLaughlin looks on as US President George H. W. Bush speaks.

While in Aspen, Lady Thatcher and President Bush also gave a news conference on the first US invasion of Iraq. Watch C-Span’s coverage of the press conference.