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May 27, 2011

A Market Solution to a Social Problem
Many people know Mercy Corps for its responses to global emergencies, but finding smart new ways to address old challenges — in this case, child nutrition — is also part of its approach.  Like other nonprofits discovering their inner social entrepreneur, Mercy Corps affirmed that sometimes the market works!  The market is home as well to 1520-odd members of The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs – which deserves a collegial shout-out as well.

What Countries Support the Most Innovation?
World Public Opinion conducted a recent poll and found that Indonesia, the US, Canada, India, and Australia are among the countries with the best cultures for people to start a new business.  This could help explain Mercy Corp’s wild success in scaling up their healthy street food for-profit company in Indonesia.  Unfortunately Colombia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, and Russia rank least friendly to innovation and entrepreneurship.  Read more of the results here.

All Things New at The Advocacy Planning and Evaluation Program (APEP)
If you didn’t catch last week’s special weekly email, feel free to explore it on our blog page.  We’ve updated our website, revamped our resources, and even hired a new team member!  Thanks for your continued readership.  We are always excited to hear your ideas on all things advocacy planning and evaluation so please be in touch.