So What?

MDGs / Social Value / Gates and Giving

August 20, 2010

Dear readers,
This will be the last “So What?” update this month. The APEP staff is taking a much-needed hiatus next week and will be back in September better than ever. See you then!

Sincerely, The APEP Team

MDG Campaign Newsletter
As the next UN Millennium Development Goal Review Summit approaches, the MDG Campaign has started an weekly online newsletter with all the latest global news, publications, and events related to the MDGs.

Measuring Social Value
Over the last few decades, many people have attempted to measure what is sometimes called social, public, or civic value—that is, the value that nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), social enterprises, social ventures, and social programs create. The demand for these metrics has come from all sectors, but despite the enthusiasm for metrics, few people actually use them to guide decisions.

The Giving Pledge
A few weeks ago, we highlighted Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s pledge to give their wealth to charities. Take a look at The Giving Pledge website, which lists who among the world’s wealthiest have pledged to donate their money, and more importantly, why they are giving it all away.