Reproductive Health

To Measure, or Not To Measure: That is the Question

October 28, 2011

All About Measurement
In last week’s New York Times Sunday Review section, Robert Crease wrote a thoughtful piece about the limitations of our thinking about measurement. The essay points out how our obsession with measurement sometimes leads us to measure the wrong things. As we tell clients, the first challenge is picking those things that are in fact worth measuring.

Do You Know Your Number?
7,000,000,000 people. It’s a statistic many folks are talking about right now—from CNN and MSNBC to National Geographic and the United Nations Population Fund. To get people thinking about this huge milestone, our friends at Population Action International have released an online tool where you may find out your birth “number” out of the world’s total population. It’s cool and thought-provoking.

The Happiest Place on Earth
We’re grabbing our t-shirts and flip-flops before heading out to the American Evaluation Association’s annual conference in Anaheim, California. Our very own David and Lisa will serve as panelists at three sessions, while David will be co-chairing the business meeting of the Advocacy and Policy Change Topical Interest Group (TIG). Most importantly, we had the weighty responsibility of choosing the menu for the legendary TIG reception. Be sure to drop by—if you’re not prancing around Disneyland, of course.