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The Mileposts Statewide Collaborative

January 19, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

Our core product, Mileposts, is a commercial-ready complete 360 degree student learning and intervention management system that: 1) Brings all parties back to the table of accountability, 2) Focuses instructional delivery and remediation , 3) Creates a culture of collaboration among all stakeholders, 4) Incorporates all necessary state and federal mandates, 5) Constructs a team of action around each struggling student, 6) Is the catalyst to improved learning opportunities, and 7) Is the umbrella program that monitors all other learning applications.

Our consortium model has proven itself in delivering these services and dramatically improving student performance in an array of Idaho districts, but could be easily duplicated in any region of our country. By using this cost effective method, it allows us to lower barriers of entry and potentially provide a presence of this ground breaking product/project in any state.

Our company, Silverback Learning Solutions, combines the skills, passion, and empirical research of experienced educators with the latest interactive technologies to create products that improve collaboration and accountability of school administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

Our solution has been featured in numerous state and national school administrator forums. Each accolade has created a wave of excitement in prospective customers, but without a funding mechanism to support rapid expansion, Mileposts has remained one regional consortium’s success story. The Mileposts Consortium demonstrates the product’s effectiveness and viability in the market. With 30,000 energized customers on-board, we sense the urgency in our country’s educational dilemma to market and distribute to a wider audience.

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