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In The Mood for Some Developmental Evaluation?

February 24, 2012

Complex Situations, New Techniques
It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Michael Quinn Patton’s “developmental evaluation” approach. Heck, it’s a core part of how we work. So we were super excited to find out that Patton is doing a webinar next Tuesday at 11:30AM EST through My M&E on “how to evaluate interventions in complex dynamic environments.” Come Tuesday, grab a good cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the (educational) show.

Crazy about DVR
This past week, our go-to evaluation blog, AEA365, featured posts on all things DVR—data visualization and reporting—by the good folks in the DVR topical interest group. There are some very useful tips all around, from creating budget-friendly logic models to network mapping techniques. And, of course, purdy pictures always help.

Disentangling the Service-Advocacy Web
As international development organizations cultivate more complex strategies for doing their work, often combining program services with advocacy efforts, it’s becoming harder for evaluators to holistically measure impact. Thankfully, our friends at the Center for Evaluation Innovation are ahead of the curb on this issue. Evaluator Rhonda Schlangen tackles this very challenge in the Center’s latest research brief, “Shaking the Tree: Evaluating Programs that Combine Services and Advocacy.