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New Teacher Center: Launching the Next Generation of Effective Educators

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

The New Teacher Center (NTC) and its official partners, six high-need urban and rural local educational agencies (LEAs) seek a Validation grant under Absolute Priority 1 (and Competitive Preference Priority 8). NTC meets the grant’s eligibility criteria and, with its partners, will address Priority 1: identify, recruit, develop, place, reward, and retain effective teachers.

NTC will replicate, scale, and validate its innovative, two-year teacher induction and full release mentoring program, to be implemented within the context of broader teacher policy reforms. LEAs will expand and improve their induction programs to meet the highest standards of assessment, quality, data analysis, and accountability to increase student achievement. NTC will help strengthen its partner’s capabilities on all elements of Priority 1.

The objectives of this grant are to increase student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and teacher retention, and to create permanent capacity within LEAs to lead teacher effectiveness efforts. The project will serve 180,000 K12 students and 2,000 new and experienced K12 teachers, with a primary focus on poor and minority students, English language learners, children with disabilities, and students in rural communities. An independent evaluation of NTC’s comprehensive model will be conducted to show its impact on teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

To learn more, contact Ellen Moir.