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NextBillion FOUND Middle Video series:

December 2, 2011  • ANDE

NextBillion FOUND Middle Video series:

In partnership with NextBillion we will be posting this series of videos onNextBillion site over the course of the next year. We hope you will travel with us around the world to see what we’ve “found” in the “missing” middle:

Richard Roque – SA Capital from ANDE on Vimeo.


Kanmani Arumugasamy – Arogyam Organics PVT. LTD. from ANDE on Vimeo.

Nneka Okekearu – Enterprise Development Centre, Pan African University from ANDE on Vimeo.

-December 1: SA Capital Limited

November 14: Enterprise Development Center (EDC)

October 25: Arogyam Organics

-October 3 Launch