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Obama’s speech on Internet Freedom in the Middle East

May 23, 2011  • IDEA Project Editor

Reed Hundt was quoted in Washington Internet Daily responding to Obama’s 5/19 speech on the Middle East and North Africa. The President’s speech is available here.

Obama’s speech is important because it both reaffirmed and expanded the administration’s position on a free and open Internet, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt told us Friday. The President is “building on previous speeches, including Secretary [of State Hillary] Clinton’s. But this time he is actually backing it up with money.” More importantly the president has taken “concrete steps” to implement his open Internet message at home, said Hundt. In the past month the president unveiled both a cybersecurity road map to Congress and an international strategy for cyberspace. Hundt said he expects Congress to pass comprehensive privacy, cybersecurity and copyright bills, all by the end of the year. “He is trying to walk the walk while talking the talk,” said Hundt, a Democrat.

“Obama’s Mid-East Speech Expands U.S. Commitment to Internet Freedom” in Washington Internet Daily, May 23, 2011