Open Government Report Release

January 17, 2014  • Communications and Society Program

This week marks the launch of a new Communications & Society digital report on open government! The six chapters series (linked below) examines ways to improve and advance open government efforts. It also includes biographies of our conference participants, video streaming from the event, and background readings. We encourage you to take a look!

  1. Open Government and Its Constraints
  2. What is Open Government and is it Working?
  3. The Biases in Open Government that Blind Us
  4. Open Government Needs to Understand Citizens
  5. Open Government Needs Empathy for Government
  6. Toward An Accountable Open Government Culture

In other open government news, our Executive Director, Charlie Firestone, compiled the top five goals for open government in the coming year. Priorities include: improving the procurement process, increasing transparency, encouraging citizen engagement, using government data for social good, and ensuring that the government does not overreach.