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OPIC Provides Advice to Diaspora Investors at Outreach Workshop

November 19, 2015  • OPIC

From The OPIC Blog

OPIC hosted its last Expanding Horizons workshop last month in Boston in partnership with The Aspen Institute’s Diaspora Investment Alliance, which works to help channel investment from diaspora communities in the U.S. into their countries of origin to support positive developmental impacts. This follow-up post from Aspen details how successful the event was in bringing together a large group of diaspora businesses and entrepreneurs, and giving them the opportunity to meet one-on-one with OPIC representatives.

“We wanted this forum to be an opportunity for diaspora to connect and learn various strategic avenues to invest and do business back home, and by that measure it was a success,” said DIA Director Alex Dixon.

Diaspora investors based in the U.S. often make for strong OPIC partners since they have not only a deep understanding of business conditions in their countries of origin but also a motivation to address major development challenges like poverty, food security, and the need for  more modern infrastructure.

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