Our Experts’ Top Reads of 2012: Randall Kempner

December 27, 2012  • Randall Kempner

“Priming the Pump: The Case for A Sector-Based Approach to Impact Investing,” (PDF) by Matt Bannick and Paula Goldman. Omidyar Network, September 2012

Throughout the world, donors and investors are considering a new model for funding social entrepreneurs: impact investing. While there are myriad reports on the topic, Priming the Pump, a report by the ANDE Member, Omidyar Network, is my favorite from 2012. The discussion paper offers an excellent distillation of the challenges facing the nascent impact investing industry and poses a core solution based on focusing on serving sectors, not firms. It offers useful data, case studies, and recommendations for how to scale this emerging investment approach.

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