World Affairs

Over-Inflated Rhetoric/Facebook Prizes/Libya Advocacy

August 26, 2011

Over-Inflated Rhetoric?
WorldNetDaily is a window on a worldview your friends at the Advocacy Planning and Evaluation Program (APEP) may not, um, fully share. But advocates benefit from seeing how others (and especially opponents) frame an issue—sometimes with heart-shaped balloons, as it turns out.

Who Likes You, Friend?
OK—nothing thrilling about launching a Facebook page or promoting a Twitter feed at this point, but we like even tiny examples of using incentives and prizes to get people to do what you want them to do. For the Prevention Institute, a national leader in promoting good choices, sometimes it’s all about incentives. So click away, friends—you may be a winner!

Another One Bites The Dust
After almost 42 years of totalitarian rule, Moammar Gaddafi is on the run. And by the time you read this, (insh’allah) he will have quit his day job once and for all. What’s next is up to Libyans, of course, but expect advocates to continue to weigh in on what role the US should play in Libya’s political transition.